Software Tools for SCSI/FC/iSCSI/SAS Device Testing

July 29, 2017
Chobik SCSI Programming Interface version 1.0 is available

August 8, 2016
Virtual Storage Device Emulator version 1.0 is available

November 15, 2015
Visual SCSI Explorer version 2.5 is available

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SCSI Pass Through JNI helper overview

The SCSI Pass Through JNI (SPT JNI) software package provides the SCSI Pass Through (SPT) programmatic interface for Java applications on the Windows operating system platforms. The package is free and can be redistributed to any party.

The package allows Java application to enumerate SCSI host bus adapters and SCSI devices, and to execute SCSI commands for the SCSI devices. Programmatic interface of the package is simple and introduces no limitation on the CDB and data structure. The maximum size of data is limited by the maximum transfer length parameter of the SCSI host bus adapter and depends on the adapter model and type. For Windows 8 and later operating system platforms the large CDB (up to 256 bytes) and bidirectional data transfer are supported. The maximum sense data length is 255 bytes. The package gives the Java application all the advantages of handling the SCSI devices at relatively low system level. The package does not depend on the type of host bus adapter and handles all types of adapters (SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, etc) in the same unified way. The package is relatively compact and requires minimum of disk space and memory.

Package features include the following.

The Java source code of the package was developed using JDK version 1.7.0_75.

More information on the Java programming language can be found on the Java Technology site.