January 15, 2021
Virtual Storage Device Emulator version 1.3 is being prepared for release. Read more...

October 13, 2020
Visual SCSI Explorer version 2.8 is available for purchasing and download.

May 3, 2020
Virtual Storage Device Emulator version 1.2 is available.

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Software tools for SCSI/FC/iSCSI/SAS/SAN device emulation and testing

This site offers software solutions for storage device technologies. The software solutions can run in both SCSI initiator and SCSI target modes.

The SCSI initiator mode solutions allow execution of SCSI commands for different device types in manual, automated, and programmatic ways.

The SCSI target mode solutions provide emulation of virtual storage devices of different types and virtual media of arbitrary capacity.


Visual SCSI Explorer


Visual SCSI Explorer screenshot Visual SCSI Explorer application runs on Windows operating system platforms and is intended for advanced SCSI device testing. The application can handle SCSI devices connected to the host computer through such storage buses as Parallel SCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), Internet SCSI (iSCSI), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), virtual, and others.

Application visualizes the host SCSI controller and device configuration as controller-device tree and properties. It is possible to rescan SCSI buses and to dynamically update the SCSI device list. Application functional interface is optimized for Direct Access (Disk), Sequential Access (Tape Drive), Multi-Media (CD/DVD/BD), Optical Memory (Magneto-optical), Media Changer (jukebox), and Processor devices. Raw CDB feature allows user to execute any SCSI command for SCSI device of any type. Application visualizes the process of SCSI command execution, logs the command parameters, the outbound and inbound command data and parses them.

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Virtual Storage Device Emulator


Virtual Storage Device Emulator management console screenshot Virtual Storage Device Emulator emulates virtual storage controller, virtual storage devices, and virtual media on Windows operating system platforms. Virtual Storage Device Emulator supports iSCSI transport protocol through network interfaces.

Virtual Storage Device Emulator emulates the Direct Access Block (Disk) devices, Sequential Access (Tape Drive) devices, Optical Memory (Magneto-optical) devices, and Media Changer (jukebox) devices. Virtual devices store the data in the files located in local file system. Virtual devices can be configured as having either fixed or removable medium. Virtual media can be loaded to and unloaded from virtual devices manually or in automated way.

Virtual Storage Device Emulator emulates the virtual storage controller device for the operating system and other software to access the virtual storage devices. The virtual storage devices that are emulated through virtual storage controller are visible only on the computer the Virtual Storage Device Emulator is running on.

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Chobik SCSI Programming Interface


Chobik SCSI Programming Interface product provides suitable application programming interface (API) to applications written in C/C++ language for handling host bus adapters and storage devices on Windows operating system platforms.

The programming interface is based on Windows native SCSI Pass Through interface. It allows user-mode applications to enumerate host bus adapters and storage devices, and execute SCSI commands. The programming interface supports storage devices of all types. Application is responsible for proper handling of the storage device. Multiple independent applications can handle multiple storage devices in parallel.

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The SCSI CLI for ASPI product allows the user to execute the SCSI commands from the command prompt via the ASPI on the Windows operating system platforms.

The product is optimized for Tape Drive and Media Changer devices.

The product is available in both End User and OEM versions.

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SCSI Pass Through JNI helper


The SCSI Pass Through JNI (SPT JNI) software package provides the programmatic interface for Java applications on the Windows and Linux operating system platforms for handling SCSI adapters and devices. For Windows operating system platform the native SCSI Pass Through (SPT) programmatic interface is used. For Linux operating system platform the native SCSI Generic (SG) programmatic interface is used.


The package allows Java application to enumerate SCSI host bus adapters and SCSI devices, and to execute SCSI commands for the SCSI devices. Programmatic interface of the package is simple and introduces no limitation on the CDB and data structure. The maximum size of data is limited by the maximum transfer length parameter of the SCSI host bus adapter and depends on the adapter model and type. For Windows 8 and later operating system platforms the large CDB (up to 256 bytes) and bidirectional data transfer are supported. The maximum sense data length is 255 bytes. The package gives the Java application all the advantages of handling the SCSI devices at relatively low system level.

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